Our Custom Database Pricing Philosophy

We don't believe in large price increases, complicated options, or the inability to calculate your own bill. See exactly how much you will be charged each month and how it's calculated immediately with our easy-to-read billing interfaces.

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All Features Included

All plans include every features Node14 has to offer. No holding features hostage by tier or difficult decisions!

Plans Based On What Matters

Choose a plan based on your data and users. That's it! Need to upgrade later? No problem!


$ 299.99

Starting at / month

30,000 Data Rows

10 GB File Storage
5 Users Included
Includes All Features


$ 674.99

Starting at / month

120,000 Data Rows

40GB File Storage
20 Users Included
Includes All Features

Pricing Categories

The below pricing categories are the general items we bill for and have been specifically identified to allow your business to grow with us and not break the bank along the way.

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Base Charge

This single monthly charge covers the basic tenancy of your account within our servers as well as an initial allowance of data rows, file storage and users. This includes hosting, infrastructure, backup and security among other various monthly operational costs in keeping your data safe and available. The pricing above reflects this charge.

Data Rows

Think of data rows like a row in a spreadsheet that contains many columns. For example, a "Customer" section could have fields for First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email, etc. A single row would be all of one Customer's data for all the aforementioned fields. An initial allowance of rows is included with your plan but additional rows can be purchased without switching plans.

File Storage

Node14 accounts come with an initial allowance for file storage included. Any additional storage is proportionally charged per GB. This storage charge covers not only the initial file upload but also redundant geographically separated backups to ensure your data is as safe as possible.


Node14 accounts come with an initial allowance of users included. Any additional users will be charged per user. This user charge is to cover the bandwidth and performance draw placed on our servers by additional concurrent actions.


We offer optional support and consulting via email, phone and on-site meetings. All work is billed in quarter hour increments automatically on each monthly billing cycle. Node14 does not bill support time if the issue in question was caused by Node14.

Custom Development Savings

When compared head-to-head with a fortune 500 software development company, Node14 provides extensive cost and time savings compared to the competition. Given the same project Node14 was able to deliver the below results over the competitor.


Less Expensive

25X bar graph

Faster Delivery

28X bar graph

Software that increases in value over time

Node14 is actively developing new features for the system on a regular basis. Generally based on customer feedback and at no additional cost to you. Automatically gain more value from your database over time, for no price increase.

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45 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Your time is as important to us as our own and we hate to waste any of it.

We do our best to make sure that Node14 is the perfect fit for you before any works starts. If for any reason you're unsatisfied, we will refund 100% of your monthly service fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have a question not listed, please contact us here.

Is my data safe with Node14?

Absolutely! Data stored within Node14 is backed up with multiple layers of geographically separated and secured redundant systems. This service is provided automatically for all Node14 accounts by default and included for all sections of data within the system.

What is a "data row"?

Think of data rows like a row in a spreadsheet that contains many columns. For example, a "Customer" section could have fields for First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email, etc. A single row would be all of one Customer's data for all the aforementioned fields.

Can I add more storage or rows?

Of course! We offer the ability to purchase additional data rows, users and file storage without upgrading to the next package. Contact us to customize a plan for specifically your needs.

Who will build my database?

All databases are built in the United States by professional computer scientists. All engineers speak perfect English and are experienced in the art of database design.

Is my data secure in the cloud?

Yes! We take security very seriously at Node14. All web traffic is protected by RSA 2048bit SSL encryption. We penetration test, offer a bug bounty program and have strict social engineering training for all employees.

Where is your list of clients?

While our competitors display their client's logos like trophies, we don't believe in exposing your private purchases to the world. Our clients love our products and their word of mouth is enough advertising for us.