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Your Database Design Experts

Node14 is an online software service that provides businesses with customized database applications at unprecedented high speeds and low cost.

Passionate about problem solving with technology

We Love What We Do

We're extremely fortunate to have careers where what we do for a living just happens to also be what we do for fun. You won't find another company as passionate about their work than Node14.

Always Having Fun

At the end of the day, we don't turn off our brains or our computers. We're continually thinking about "what's the best solution" and we don't stop till we find it for you.

What We Do

At Node14, we do the work for you. No learning design interfaces, coding or back and forth with IT. Within hours Node14 can examine your data or the problem you're trying to solve and provide a fully integrated database solution.

We offer a multi-user, granular security managed web database system that focuses on making data management, organization, and reporting remarkably intuitive. Built with the powerful Node14 database engine, you can be up and running with feature rich forms, an intelligent data structure and reporting within hours.

Have changes? No problem! The Node14 engine was built with growth in mind. Via the Node14 database engine we can perform extremely fast customizations and updates. For example, most changes can be performed within 15 minutes and are available in less than 24 hours.

Node14 also offers the ability to integrate with other internal or external business tools of your organization. Connect all your data together to harness the full power of Node14!

Above & Beyond

Every day we work hard to provide an experience that exceeds our price point in every way. Below are just a few ways we continually achieve this level of quality for our customers.

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Software that grows with your business

We add new features to the system regularly. Gain more value from your database automatically over time, for no price increase.

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Work with a company of rockstars

Saying you're awesome is easy. Proving it is harder. Talk to anyone at Node14 and we promise you'll be impressed with their expert knowledge and care.

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Optimize the previously unoptimizable

With Node14, you can securely share data and functionality outside of your account so customers, vendors, etc. can view or enter their own data.

Don't be shy!

Let us know if you have any questions or would like a free consultation. We're happy to help!

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