Node14 Bug Bounty Program

We are offering cash rewards ranging from $5 - $250 USD for security bugs found within our service. The payout will be determined based off the severity of the bug. Please note the following to be eligible.

1) If the same bug is reported multiple times, only the first reported instance can be rewarded.
2) A bug must be reported via email and not posted publicly in order to receive a reward.
3) The bug report must contain all necessary steps needed to recreate the bug.
4) Node14 reserves the right to determine if a bug is worthy of a reward and also the amount of the reward.
5) You may not engage in testing that results in destroying Node14 data or degradation of any Node14 system such as DoS or spam.
6) The bug bounty program relates only to technical security issues.
7) Repeated spam and automated requests to review your bug submission will result in no award. Please be patient.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in no reward.

Please email all bug reports to:

Please Note: Node14 does not rely on this program as our only source of penetration testing or security as a whole. Node14 goes above and beyond to secure all customer data with the latest security patches, penetration testing, upgraded hardware, 24/7 monitoring and much more. This bug bounty program is one additional layer of security we offer to again, go above and beyond the normal call of duty.